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All Living Expenses Covered

The Acceptable Debt Plan

At Acceptable Debt, we offer a Debt Review service that is personalized and professional. In order to overcome the struggle of high cost debt that is not being properly managed, Debt Review (also known as Debt Counselling) is a relief measure that can change your financial circumstances for the better, clearing your name, helping you pay back what you owe, and making your life much easier in the process. One benefit of Debt Review is that all your living expenses are covered.

If you can no longer balance your debt obligations on a month to month basis, and feel the strain of having no money to live comfortably, Debt Review might be the solution to your problems. It helps to note that a large percentage of South Africans, more than 50%, are over-indebted, where their income is simply not enough to sustain their lifestyle and allow for the proper repayment of all monies owed. For some, debt is accumulated gradually and then an unplanned change happens, such as loss of income or a sudden and unplanned expense – this causes ones financial stability to take a nose dive, and for those with debt, the financial pressure can quickly catch up. With Debt Review, all living expenses are covered and you can breathe more easily.

If the end of the month comes and you feel stressed about the inevitability of missing some payments to your creditors, Debt Review can make such a difference in your life. Once we have determined that you qualify through a simple affordability assessment which can be performed online, we proceed to contact your creditors on your behalf to come to an agreement on reduced repayment amounts (and interest rates) towards what you owe. In addition to all living expenses covered, other benefits of Debt Review include Immediate Relief from the strain of being over indebted thanks to reduced monthly debt repayments, as well as protection against legal action. You will be able to find your feet again and can sleep easily at night.

When we present you with a new debt repayment plan under the Debt Review process, your affordability and monthly financial needs will be considered, so that all living expenses are covered, as you continue to pay off all the debt in your name. Our Acceptable Debt team approach each client’s case with a unique perspective, knowing that no one else faces the problems that you do. Once you’ve completed Debt Review according to our agreement, you will also be able to acquire a Debt Clearance Certificate to prove that you are no longer in the minus with your debt – in time, your credit score will improve and you can start anew, moving forward without the shadow cast over you by debt, uncertainty and stress.

Complete our debt assessment!

It's free of charge and only takes a few minutes. Complete our online debt assessment and provide us with the details of your financial situation.

We'll assess and setup acceptable debt plan

We determine whether your monthly expenses and debt exceed your monthly income

You'll be placed under Debt Review

Protecting you from your creditors. We'll inform all your Credit Providers and the Credit Bureaus that you are under Debt Review.

You only pay one single, reduced payment that you can afford!

We'll restructure your payment plan and negotiate with your Credit Providers.

The process is finalized

Your repayment plan becomes a court order. Our specialist attorneys will apply to court to make your restructured payment plan a court order.

Better life with acceptable Debt

Once under Debt Review, you will be protected against legal action taken by your credit providers and will only have to pay one monthly, affordable reduced payment, leaving you with sufficient money for your living expenses.


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