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Protection Against Legal Action

The Acceptable Debt Plan

For the majority of South Africans, living with debt is just another factor of their reality. While we may all have the good intention of keeping our debt to a manageable level, life is often unpredictable and can quickly turn a manageable financial situation into a nightmare of unplanned expenses and growing unpaid debts. These unexpected debts can come in many forms, from sudden job loss to high medical bills, the rising costs of living or even just good old reckless spending. Regardless of how you have accumulated your debts, the result is the same - you’re now over-indebted and vulnerable to possible legal repercussions from upset creditors.

At Acceptable Debt, we have years of experience successfully helping over-indebted consumers overcome life’s financial ups and downs with our Debt Counselling and Debt Review services that can ensure protection against legal action. Undergoing Debt Counselling allows us to negotiate with your creditor or creditors on your behalf to restructure your monthly payments to a more manageable amount resulting in reduced monthly debt repayments, possible lower interest rates and immediate relief for you. Our expert team will ensure that the new monthly instalments are well within your budgetary constraints, ensuring that all your living expenses are covered and that you will never need to fall behind or miss payments going forward.

Along with ensuring that your creditors will still receive all monies owed to them, Debt Counselling can help you avoid losing valuable assets, can ensure that you are no longer harassed by creditors, help relieve your stress, and provide protection against legal action from creditors that can quickly become costly and damaging to your financial reputation. The Acceptable Debt team will manage the entire Debt Counselling process from start to finish, resulting in an overall better quality of life for you as you regain control of your finances.

While the Debt Counselling process is designed to help and protect you and your assets, it is imperative to know that success or failure depends on you. You will be responsible for ensuring that you stick to the new instalments and payment schedule agreed to. Please ensure that you are fully aware of what you agree to and ask for clarification if necessary.

At Acceptable Debt, we prioritise our clients’ needs, providing trusted, transparent and effective Debt Review and Debt Counselling services designed to help you keep your head above water when your financial responsibilities become too much to bear. If you would like more information on how we can help you become debt-free, please contact us for an assessment of your finances.

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We'll assess and setup acceptable debt plan

We determine whether your monthly expenses and debt exceed your monthly income

You'll be placed under Debt Review

Protecting you from your creditors. We'll inform all your Credit Providers and the Credit Bureaus that you are under Debt Review.

You only pay one single, reduced payment that you can afford!

We'll restructure your payment plan and negotiate with your Credit Providers.

The process is finalized

Your repayment plan becomes a court order. Our specialist attorneys will apply to court to make your restructured payment plan a court order.

Better life with acceptable Debt

Once under Debt Review, you will be protected against legal action taken by your credit providers and will only have to pay one monthly, affordable reduced payment, leaving you with sufficient money for your living expenses.


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